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Handmade Bonsai

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This is a composition made by us, in an impeccable Japanese harmony, placed in a wonderfully rare pot. There is a choice of color (green, red, blue, light blue, light pink, fuchsia pink) and size. Bonsai forever is a composition from greenland mosse, which due to its volcanic whitish nature, can be colored in your desired shades.

The wood is imported from Japan and is from an old bonsai trunk. The end result is such, that no matter where you place it, it is absolutely imposing and admirable in any space.

Bonsai forever have no requirements. They do not need care, as they are not watered. The only condition for its maintenance is that it does not come in direct contact with the sun.

It is another idea SECRET GARDEN brings to you, which has been realized for many years and our customers embrace it warmly.

To place your order and select desired details, such as color and size, it is best to call us at 2310 870 130. The creation process may take 2-3 weeks.

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