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Mystic Garden

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The year that SECRET GARDEN flower shop was born. Our philosophy is our choices to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so that the store is a “piece of nature”. The interior decoration of the store, comprises of a variety of 2nd hand objects, such as chairs, trunks, lamps, and other treasures, which were found on the street, as well as various antique furniture. From the beginning we made sure that the lighting was ecological and after a while, we were able to replace also the lamps with sustainable LED lamps.

Our distinctive packaging is made with recycled materials, palm skins and leaves of exotic plants. Our ribbons are made out of textiles, natural strings, yarns and dried grass foliage. At the same time, if you chose to have your greeting card, it will be enclosed in envelopes with sealing wax, providing this way an even more impressive result.

Additionally, all the sprays we use are also ecological, as well as OZONE-SAFE, while our fertilizers are organic – bio.

2Β ο κήποςμυστικός κήπος ανθοπωλεία λουλούδια

SECRET GARDEN started its journey in 1996 in a two-story space in the city of Thessaloniki, at 85 Vassilis Olgas Street. It has always inspired to the visitor the feeling of entering in a natural environment, a secret garden indeed. Our specialization in the decoration of window displays counts many years now. Starting from ours at SECRET GARDEN, which has been awarded several times by our local Municipality. More editions of decoration with flower arrangements and special sets can be found over the years, from social events to fashion shows and in many cases SECRET GARDEN undertook such decorations, in order to support visions friendly to sensitive groups of fellow citizens.

Having an extremely large variety of packaging and rare exotic flowers, there is the possibility of creating flower arrangements for a variety of events, weddings and christening ceremonies, visual, theatrical and cinematic events as well as the most impressive gifts for individuals and businesses.

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Below you will find what makes us different

The art of handmade in combination with imagination and respect for uniqueness for each demand!

Our passion and professionalism, that all our creations are carefully delivered by professional distributors and in excellent condition.

Flowers from all over the world, exotic compositions, colors and a wealth of ideas are our signature.

Our heritage in the city of Thessaloniki, which counts over 25 years of trust.

2Δ ο κηπος μυστικός κήπος ανθοπωλεία λουλούδια